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Careerarm is one of the largest educational marketplace in India. Start selling your products in the largest market with more potential customers.
You may have a better product that is useful to all. But, you need a market where you can sell it. Careerarm provides everyone the opportunity to sell their products at one of the largest education market place where you can meet potential buyers. Enjoy the ease of selling without any complexities. List the product, Buyer finds you, Product is sold. Very simple.
  • Do not sell damaged products or those not in proper condition
  • Image of real products should be added. Customers should not be misguided
  • After the product is purchased, seller should ship the product within the promised time
  • Return or exchange should be accepted in case the buyer is not satisfied
  • Payment for the purchases will be issued at the end of the month. Careerarm commission, payment gateway commission and taxes will be deducted on the price sold and transferred to the seller.
    Careerarm commission = 10%
    Payment gateway commission = 1.99% + taxes
    Payment will done through direct bank transfer.

    Frequently asked questions

    No. Shipping should be done by the seller only. Returned item should also be transported by seller.
    Payment will be issued at the end of every month.
    No. Commission and taxes will be deducted from the product price.